If you are hiring out to have your home alarm installed, always use a licensed vendor to install, repair, or service an alarm system. While licenses do not guarantee honesty, it does indicate that the vendor has registered with the state, and has met the specified minimum criteria for your locale. In most cases, a license is predicated upon proof of adequate insurance and/or bonding, so you have that protection as well. Local alarm systems (those which sound only on the protected premises) are much less effective, especially when local ordinances limit the time for which the signal can sound to avoid nuisance disturbance of neighbors. If you invest in such an alarm, you are counting on conscientious neighbors to call the police to respond. Having the signals from your alarm system monitored by a licensed vendor better assures that you get the protection you pay for when you install an alarm system.


Main Reasons For Using Vacuum Cleaners With Bags

By tradition, vacuum cleaners and their container bags seem inseparable companions. Although major manufacturers like Dyson, Eureka, Electrolux, Panasonic, Kirby, Vivanco, etc. are offering models that come without vacuum cleaner bags, the models with bags are still very popular. It all started by the Air Way Sanitizer Company, of Ohio, in the year 1920. Yes, there were vacuum bags before but they resembled bags that golfers use these days.

They were heavy and made of stiff, thick canvas. The Air Way Sanitizer Company improved the awkward design and introduced disposable bags which were specifically designed to fit inside the typically used cloth bags. So how do these vacuum bags work? A vacuum cleaner works by using air suction to pull and pick up the dirt which is then deposited in the vacuum cleaner bag. Before that the air mixed with dirt and debris goes through the filter which collects most of the dirt. But even a vacuum bag works as a filter - the air can pass through but most of the dust particles do not.

Typical usage of vacuum cleaner in your home requires you to change bags once a month. Here are some of the conditions that where you may need to replace the bag even more often: - if you have a more than 2000 square foot home - with wall-to-wall carpets - if you have a new carpet for your home that usually "sheds" for a while - if your pet is in the "shedding" period There are some notable disadvantages associated with vacuum cleaner bags. For example: 1. They can be very messy and prove to be a complete nuisance, when full. 2. Also, one cannot actually know when they are full and ready for use.

3. They are not readily available. 4. Since you have to keep replacing them at regular intervals, they prove to be a sort of long-term expense that goes with the purchase of a vacuum cleaner. Models that do not have bags are equipped with a kind of cup or empty chamber where the dust and debris are trapped, through a filter.

Once the container is completely filled, you just need to empty it out and replace it as it was before. Pros and cons of vacuum cleaners with bags The basic point is simple: once the vacuum cleaner bags are filled, you have to replace them. In truth, replacement of vacuum cleaner bags is not as dreadful as it often seem to be. The problem is that there is no way to know, if the bag is filled or not and therefore they require frequent checking. Some newer models come with indicator lights to show when the vacuum cleaner bag is filled. The bags are not expensive in single units and so the replacement does not really pinch.

The biggest advantage is that the user never comes into direct contact with the dirt. You just throw away the bag and put a new one in its place. Pros and cons of vacuum cleaners without bags These vacuums were introduced in response to the complaints from consumers against the bagged cleaners. The bagless models were designed in such a way that they are user friendly and less cluttered. They contain covered slits through which the fill level of the container serving as a vacuum cleaner bag is visible.

So there is no need to keep speculating about whether the bag has filled up or not. When the container fills up, you have to undo it from the body and empty it. This can get messy. It can even become necessary to scrape off stuff that might be stuck to the sides or to the bottom of the container. Then there is the problem of keeping the filters clean. In some models, the filters need outright replacement after a certain time.

One advantage is that, if you vacuum something important into a bagless cleaner, it is very easy to get the object back. Although vacuum cleaner bags are sometimes a hassle there are still many pros of using vacuums of this type. They are still very popular models and the market clearly reflects that - the manufacturers still produce wide variety of vacuum cleaners that use bags so obviously they do the job well.

Tomaz Mencinger is a publisher of He provides expert advice and reviews of vacuum cleaner bags, parts, attachments and models that give you the best value for money.

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