If you are hiring out to have your home alarm installed, always use a licensed vendor to install, repair, or service an alarm system. While licenses do not guarantee honesty, it does indicate that the vendor has registered with the state, and has met the specified minimum criteria for your locale. In most cases, a license is predicated upon proof of adequate insurance and/or bonding, so you have that protection as well. Local alarm systems (those which sound only on the protected premises) are much less effective, especially when local ordinances limit the time for which the signal can sound to avoid nuisance disturbance of neighbors. If you invest in such an alarm, you are counting on conscientious neighbors to call the police to respond. Having the signals from your alarm system monitored by a licensed vendor better assures that you get the protection you pay for when you install an alarm system.


Keep Yourself Safe with Home Security Sickers And Signs

When you think about home security systems, what comes to mind? You might think of home security systems, safes, or locks such as deadbolts. However, a less expensive option is the home security sign. A Home Security Sign You might have seen home security signs before, such as the popular, "Beware of Dog." People with this home security sign posted might have a large dog, or just a small dog.

Maybe they don't have one at all. Usually, though, an intruder won't know that and may simply decide to stay away. Another popular home security sign says, "No Trespassing" or something like, "Private Property." This might be useful for those living near public places or tourist attractions.

It may also be that those using those signs like the terse wording. However, they're not useful for keeping intruders out, only to let law-abiding citizens know they're on private property and should get off. Home security signs are not necessarily standalone, though. They might actually signify that a home security system is installed, such as a "This Home is Protected by " Security" sticker placed in your window. There are also funny home security signs available, if you're so inclined. These are easily found in catalogs.

Examples might be a sign saying, "Beware of ferocious cat {rather than "dog")." These are obviously meant for humor, not to protect your home. Many different stores sell home security signs, such as department stores or home improvement stores.

Prices will vary depending on what your sign says and how fancy it is. Of course, home security signs are not nearly as effective in keeping intruders at bay as a true home security system is. For your best protection, purchase a system along with your sign. Keeping Your Home Safe with Home Security Stickers If you have a home security system, you'll need to ensure that it's not tampered with. If a home security system doesn't work, it's useless to you.

In this case, home security stickers can help. About Home Security Stickers You've probably seen a home security sticker on someone's window or front door. Stickers are placed there for several reasons. If there's an electrical problem in the home, the electrician or service person who comes to fix the problem should know about the home security system that's installed.

The home security stickers will help alert the service person (and remind you to tell him or her). Home security stickers are also used to help discourage would-be intruders from trying to break in. Though not always successful, the signs may in fact stop an intruder from entering. If you purchase a home security system, the sticker will come with it. If your home security system is professionally installed, you'll be given the sticker with the paperwork. A question that many people have when they get their stickers has to do with where they should place the sticker so that is can be easily notices.

Many people do not want to put the sticker on their window, as it would not look very good, and would probably be hard to remove too. Thus, the other place that a home security sticker can be placed is in the front door area. Where exactly will have to do with what the front area actually looks like. However, be sure that the sticker is placed in that area, otherwise it might not be seen, and that is one of the things that definitely should be seen by service repairmen and robbers as well.

There are many ways to indicate to would-be intruders that your home is protected, and a home security sticker is one of them. They won't keep intruders out by themselves, but they might just discourage them from going further once they have seen them.

Home security is becoming increasingly important for the safety of families today. Security signs and stickers let intruders know you are aware of their presence.

Home Security

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