If you are hiring out to have your home alarm installed, always use a licensed vendor to install, repair, or service an alarm system. While licenses do not guarantee honesty, it does indicate that the vendor has registered with the state, and has met the specified minimum criteria for your locale. In most cases, a license is predicated upon proof of adequate insurance and/or bonding, so you have that protection as well. Local alarm systems (those which sound only on the protected premises) are much less effective, especially when local ordinances limit the time for which the signal can sound to avoid nuisance disturbance of neighbors. If you invest in such an alarm, you are counting on conscientious neighbors to call the police to respond. Having the signals from your alarm system monitored by a licensed vendor better assures that you get the protection you pay for when you install an alarm system.


How to Make a Tire Swing

Adding a traditional tire swing to your home may not only bring back childhood memories, but will allow your children to also create similar memories of fun filled moments playing with friends! A tire swing is fairly easy to assemble and only requires a minimal amount of time and a few basic, easy to acquire supplies. Instructions Before you start building a tire swing you will need the following: - Tire - Thick rope - One large tree with a strong, sturdy limb - Power drill - A ladder Follow these steps: Step #1.) First just find the right tire that you need! Keep in mind, however, that many of the newer tires have steel belts that can poke through and possible cause injury to a child. Most older tires do not have steel, and are best suited to use for your swing assembly. Step #2.

) Take a moment to clean, wash, and rinse the tire using a hose and soap. This will help prevent the black rubber from marking or damaging your children's clothing or garments. For an ever better clean, you can try taking the tire to an auto wash facility, and use the powerful sprayers for the best results.

Step #3.) Using a power drill, drill three to four small holes in the bottom of the tire to prevent rain, dirt, and other nature elements from collecting in the tire. Step #4.) Choose the tree (and the tree limb) you will be using to hang the tire from. Make sure that you pick a healthy tree with a sturdy limb to ensure proper safety of the completed swing.

Step #5.) Purchase or find a sturdy, thick rope that will be able to handle a sufficient amount of weight and stress that will occur during the swinging. Be sure to purchase enough rope to extend from the limb to the ground, plus enough extra (about 3-4 feet) to use for knots on both ends.

You may also want to consider using two ropes for the swing, which will provide additional safety and will be longer lasting. Step #6.) Now you can begin to assemble the swing! First, find an old piece of rubber house or thick padding to wedge between the limb and the rope to protect the tree. Than tie one of rope to the tree limb; make sure to double knot this end of the rope. Also, tie a knot directly underneath the limb to keep the rope securely in place during swinging. Than just loop the rope through the top portion of the tire and secure with another knot; a traditional square tie knot is recommended.

Than tie a second knot to keep the first securely in place. Finally, cut any remaining loose rope that remains. Test the swing yourself to ensure its safe before letting any children on it.

Step #7) Have fun and let the swinging began!.

Ryan is the owner and author of a website about tire swings.

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